About the Artist

I enjoy the challenge of creating a pleasing interplay of shapes and shadows in three dimensional forms. Although in one way or another, I have expressed myself in three dimensions my whole artistic life, in the last 10 years,  clay forms have become a passionate focus.  My experimentation with unique surface decoration and the desire to capture emotion in a sculptural gesture led to my “Ladies in Lace” series.

A Disney Imagineer for almost 19 years, I designed environmental and print graphics for Disney theme parks around the world and managed the Graphic Design Department there for several years.  My design work has been published in Print Casebooks 8: The Best in Environmental Graphics, Signs and Spaces, and Urban Entertainment Graphics.  I was a contributor to The Imagineering Way, and The Imagineering Way Workbook, and have been interviewed for magazine articles in Signs of the Times, How, and Graphic Design, USA.  Before Imagineering, I had fun creating props for the sets of game shows and soap operas at CBS TV City.  I received my BBFA from Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI.

My extensive experience as a designer influences the expression of my fine art and literally, the “two sides of the house” work and play together as one. The inspired PROCESS of creating unique client-responsive graphics or elegant art sculpture is similar–and the focus when I am in my studio.

Article from March 31, 2010_ Dr. Joe Puglia and I discuss  “The Artist’s Way” and the timeless urge to create art.


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